Tomasz Jaloszynski
Junior Software Engineer at iMed24

# Programming languages and frameworks:C#, WinForms, WPFWCF, ADO, Silverlight for WP7, PRISM, MVVMJava SE, Swing, EJB, MavenAndroidErlangC++SQL/NoSQLJavascript MVC, Node.js, Bower/Grunt, Typescript, HTML5, CSS# Other skills:UML 2.0, Design PatternsWindows, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Linux (Debian, Fedora), GIT, ...

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Tomasz has a StackSplit score of 28. The StackSplit score is a measure of how diverse a candidate's experience is across the stack, and is based on the following attributes:

java javascript .net wpf c#

Some attributes cannot be categorized and are not factored into the overall score.