Abdul Wahid Abdul Haque
Sr. Python/Django Full Stack Software Engineer at Synerzip

I am a programmer by default, Programming is my static passion which resides as Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR ) mode.

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Abdul Wahid has a StackSplit score of 72. The StackSplit score is a measure of how diverse a candidate's experience is across the stack, and is based on the following attributes:

django yeoman oauth2.0 cornice gulp jquery amazon ec2 angularfire angularjs machine learning backbone.js django-social-auth mysql json tastypie-swagger python cloud computing rest knockback.js linux django-tastypie firebase parse knockoutjs git python kivy restfull api software architectural design sql mognoengine vagrant pyramid postgresql node.js pymongo twitter bootstrap celery subversion redis visual basic bower mongodb ubuntu web applications tastypie-monoengine

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