Henry Hellbusch
PHP Web Developer

Henry Hellbusch is a software engineer by practice, and a microelectronics engineer by training.He is currently working as an intern at Micron Technology, developing software solutions to solve the day to day problems of the ...

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Henry has a StackSplit score of 92. The StackSplit score is a measure of how diverse a candidate's experience is across the stack, and is based on the following attributes:

oracle google analytics svn agile methodologies user interface design microsoft sql server jquery apache c++ mvc architecture json distributed systems python jquery ui oop linux quality assurance html agile git database design open source laravel 4 codeigniter selenium phpunit java javascript windows 7 backend postgresql mobile nginx user experience web analytics css responsive design design patterns asp php frameworks unix php tdd html 5 xhtml xml seo web applications mysql mvc

Some attributes cannot be categorized and are not factored into the overall score.