Tosh Lyons
Technology Consultant at Celerity

Dominic Phillips
Code all day every day

Munich / GermayAll things javascript (backend / frontend), various frameworks (angular, ember, backbone, react).Go & Python for API's. 

Joseph Casey Kinsey
Python / Django Consultant

Casey Kinsey is a web technology consultant in Northwest Arkansas.He is currently an independent consultant specializing in Python and Django as well ...

Yicun (Wendy) Wu
Waterloo CS new grad; Interned at Facebook, Oracle

University of Waterloo CS new grad. I am looking to join a startup to work on productivity apps or developer tools. Love ...

Dan Zhou
Full stack developer


Martin Riva
Senior full-stack web developer

Full stack web developer with more than 5 years of experience developing python/Django/js apps for many companies all around the globe. I've ...

Abdul Wahid Abdul Haque
Sr. Python/Django Full Stack Software Engineer at Synerzip

I am a programmer by default, Programming is my static passion which resides as Terminate and Stay Resident (TSR ) mode.

Philip Kalinsky
Software Engineer specializing in Python/Django

Philip Kalinsky is an experienced web technology consultant and software engineer based in New York City.Areas of specialization include Python based web ...

Przemek Lewandowski
Python Senior Developer

Przemek used to be a freelance Python developer before he started his adventure in business. Motivated by true passion, he now takes ...

Gregory Favre
Freelance web developer and lecturer

Freelance web developer working for startups, local businesses and associations.Specialties: Digital repositories, Python, Django, AngularJS 

Muhammad Taqi Hassan Bukhari
Software Developer at Cogilent Solutions

Young professional interested in technical and personal growth. Looking for engineers with high standards and leadership with integrity. Strong preference for working ...