Max Fierke
I solve problems.

Twin Cities born & raised, I live and work in Minneapolis, MN. I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Technical Writing, and IT Infrastructure at the University of Minnesota.Here are a few things about ...

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Max has a StackSplit score of 72. The StackSplit score is a measure of how diverse a candidate's experience is across the stack, and is based on the following attributes:

amazon web services (aws) web services chef jquery apache plone mysql c++ android mvc architecture database-driven web applications active directory distributed systems zope python windows oop shell scripting linux procedural programming symfony git mac os x open source angular.js doctrine java functional programming javascript android sdk scheme software packaging android development vagrant nginx node.js server administration c subversion php debian html 5 web application security ubuntu web applications linux kernel

Some attributes cannot be categorized and are not factored into the overall score.