Raul Bento
Java Developer

I am a Software Developer with 6 years experience developing Back End and around 10 years developing Front End. Java is the main language I’ve been using but I also have experience with C# and ...

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Raul has a StackSplit score of 20. The StackSplit score is a measure of how diverse a candidate's experience is across the stack, and is based on the following attributes:

Windows Angular2 Hibernate EJB JSON JavaScript C# HTML5 Spring MVC Jenkins Multithreading MVC Git AngularJS jQuery Jasmine.JS Apache 2 RXTX TDD CSS RFID RichFaces SVN AJAX JSF RESTful Apache Tomcat SOAP Linux java AGILE Servlets SOLID Android Apache Maven iReport Design Pattern Primefaces JSP SQL JPA XML Junit UML Node.JS Quartz Apache Wicket JIRA

Some attributes cannot be categorized and are not factored into the overall score.